Spiritual Zen blog – If you like my blog, you’ll probably like Jared’s.

Relationship Success – Colette Kenney coaches people on conscious relationships, and also posts helpful advice on her blog.

Book Reviews and More – Steve McEvoy (Waterloo, Ontario) writes, well, book reviews and more, from his unique perspective as Microsoft-Certified techie, father of two young children, and devoted Christian.

Breed ’em and weep – Jenn in Massachusetts writes with beautiful honesty and humor about life as a single mom (and other hearty stuff).

MuseSpeak – Rhona-Mae Arca (Calgary, Alberta) writes about her life as a musician, teacher and composer.

Energy Clearing – Carmen Goudreau (Calgary, Alberta) has many years of experience in clearing unwanted energies from homes and offices. I have enjoyed working with her at Our Angels Center for Well-Being.

healing whiteness – Tad Hargrave’s blog, an exploration into the decolonization process for white people.