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Am I a racist?

The other day I arrived at the train platform downtown just as my train arrived, and also just as a pair of slow-moving, poorly dressed and possibly intoxicated male Natives also arrived in time to board the train. When they … Continue reading

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The Revolution

I heard on the news this morning that Occupy Wall Street protests have spread to 1600 cities worldwide. Part of me wants to click the Like button. Part of me is worried. On one hand, I’m glad that the masses … Continue reading

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Protesting Everything

The recent G20 Summit in Toronto stirred up a great deal of anger across the country, as we watched peaceful protesters being beaten and arrested like a scene from Alabama in the 60’s. I, too, am angry that the police … Continue reading

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Manifesting Tyranny

Today we celebrate Canada Day. And as Americans are fond of saying lately: I love my country – it’s my government that I’m afraid of. A few days ago, the Toronto Police (shall we say) “bent the rules” a bit … Continue reading

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How We Killed Robert Dziekanski

At 3:15pm on October 13, 2007, Robert Dziekanski arrived at Vancouver International Airport from Poland, to join his mother in Canada. His mother had instructed him to wait for her around the baggage carousels, but because it was an international … Continue reading

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