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Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.

Getting Off the Crazy Train

Sometimes you have to do something the way everyone else does it, sometimes for years, even though it’s painful for you and for many of the people doing it. The first time you try getting off the crazy train, people … Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes

On January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 left Laguardia Airport, bound for Charlotte, North Carolina. As the Airbus A320 climbed over New York City, it struck a flock of geese, and lost thrust in both engines. The crew turned … Continue reading

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Man Up

This one is for the guys. It’s NHL Playoffs time here in my fair city of Calgary, which means a few men here are working their asses off to beat the Canucks and advance to the next round of playoffs, … Continue reading

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The New Xenophobes

There’s a disturbing trend I’ve noticed where liberal-minded, good-hearted people go on a rampage or a rant on Facebook about a group of people they hate. It starts out well-meaning enough. There’s some injustice, some suffering, something going wrong that … Continue reading

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My weapon of choice against depression

Depression: probably the most common mental illness today. “Mental,” as if depression is just in your head, affecting your thoughts. And, of course, it affects all your thoughts. It becomes your thoughts until you can’t tell the difference between what … Continue reading

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