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Burning a dead man

FADE IN A man (39) kneels in the gravel by a shallow river, under a pedestrian bridge, in the middle of a nature reserve, on a sunny summer day. CLOSE-UP ON MAN’S HAND He digs a watermelon-sized hole in the … Continue reading

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Shining Light into the Shadow

I sat there. Stuck. In my living room. Wondering what to do with my day. My week. My life. We’ve all been there. There are times when it seems like all the choices you have, just don’t work. You could … Continue reading

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Not your brother any more

This morning I opened my inbox to find crossfire between two friends of mine. One did something in her business that the other found unethical, whereupon the other removed the one from her tribe. I felt sad. They are both … Continue reading

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Manifesting Tyranny

Today we celebrate Canada Day. And as Americans are fond of saying lately: I love my country – it’s my government that I’m afraid of. A few days ago, the Toronto Police (shall we say) “bent the rules” a bit … Continue reading

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Karma’s a B—h

Recently I’ve been reading a book called Karma and Reincarnation, by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama. (He’s the teacher that created a lot of the Spiritual Healing work I’ve been studying under Dr. Richard Jelusich.) I thought I knew a few things … Continue reading

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