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Am I a racist?

The other day I arrived at the train platform downtown just as my train arrived, and also just as a pair of slow-moving, poorly dressed and possibly intoxicated male Natives also arrived in time to board the train. When they … Continue reading

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Fear of Wide-Open Choices

What if I really could have everything and anything I wanted? The tough part would be figuring out what I really and truly wanted. It’s a bit overwhelming to have so much choice. Usually it’s easier to make up stories … Continue reading

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Will 2011 be any different?

A traveling salesman pulls into a rancher’s yard to ask for directions. The kindly old rancher invites the salesman to come and sit on the porch for a spell, and have a glass of lemonade. The salesman accepts. As they … Continue reading

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Pants onĀ fire

On today’s Huffington Post, health author John Robbins discovers something very strange in a lawsuit against Coca-Cola over vitaminwater: The lawsuit, brought by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, alleges that vitaminwater labels and advertising are filled with … Continue reading

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Unleashing the Shadow

The self-help industry, together with its coaches and authors, is still trying to find balance on the issue of uncovering one’s past. We all want to know why we are the way we are. Why do I have these habits … Continue reading

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