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Getting Off the Crazy Train

Sometimes you have to do something the way everyone else does it, sometimes for years, even though it’s painful for you and for many of the people doing it. The first time you try getting off the crazy train, people … Continue reading

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My weapon of choice against depression

Depression: probably the most common mental illness today. “Mental,” as if depression is just in your head, affecting your thoughts. And, of course, it affects all your thoughts. It becomes your thoughts until you can’t tell the difference between what … Continue reading

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How to have faith when the world is crap

I’ve never really succeeded at optimism, because I could never completely ignore all the unhappy endings in the world. “All shall be well,” say the optimists (echoing Julian of Norwich), even as millions die every day from malnutrition and preventable … Continue reading

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Mickey Loves Ya!

A Facebook friend posed the question on her status update today: “Someone else’s faith in you can be like ignitor fluid. Do you know this feeling?” I sure do. In fact, there are days when all I have is someone … Continue reading

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Some other beginning’s end

I’ll be honest with you: I haven’t been blogging much lately because I don’t feel like I have much smart stuff to say right now. But since I claim to be all about authenticity, and showing up as I am … Continue reading

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