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Don’t be evil

I got a nice card in the mail today from Google Adsense. They are giving me $100 in free advertising. Nice. I quote: “PS: This card was printed on 100% recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant it in a … Continue reading

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Last weekend I went to a class on contact improvisation. How to describe it? It’s sort of a modern dance, without any set moves. A group of people – anywhere from 2 to 20 – moves through a room, and … Continue reading

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Two Robot Movies

Hi Everyone, I’ve discovered a fun movie-making website that I thought you might like. Have you seen it? You can find it at I made two little movies about robots who are tired of their jobs and want a … Continue reading

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Family Bathing

Normally my posts are more “spiritual” in nature. This one is a little off-topic… but I promise to keep it “clean.” There is a brand of soap that is packaged with the description: Family Deoderant Bar. To me, it’s soap. … Continue reading

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Burning Man 2009: the good stuff

After I finished writing for a full afternoon about my Burning Man experiences, I realized I had left a lot out. I just couldn’t cover it all. But there were some experiences that I still wanted to share with you. … Continue reading

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