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Unsung Heroes

On January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 left Laguardia Airport, bound for Charlotte, North Carolina. As the Airbus A320 climbed over New York City, it struck a flock of geese, and lost thrust in both engines. The crew turned … Continue reading

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Flood of compassion

Over the last week, my city of Calgary, Alberta, has seen unprecedented flooding. About 75,000 people had to evacuate. The downtown core became a ghost town. Major transit routes stopped running. Bridges and train tracks were closed down or even … Continue reading

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Gutter Spirituality

The other day, a friend posted this video on their facebook page: The video is about Narayanan Krishnan, who lives in India. In this 2-minute video, he tells his story: He used to work for a nice hotel in Bangalore. … Continue reading

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One night, 4-year-old Jamie woke up from a nightmare, and called to his daddy to comfort him. Dad went in, sat down on the bed, listened patiently as his son told him about the nightmare, and did his best to … Continue reading

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Spring is finally here. Calgary is a bit of a slow starter that way. Actually Spring sort of faked us out a few times, starting in March, with a mix of Spring and Winter weather. Winter doesn’t really stop for … Continue reading

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