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Getting Off the Crazy Train

Sometimes you have to do something the way everyone else does it, sometimes for years, even though it’s painful for you and for many of the people doing it. The first time you try getting off the crazy train, people … Continue reading

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My weapon of choice against depression

Depression: probably the most common mental illness today. “Mental,” as if depression is just in your head, affecting your thoughts. And, of course, it affects all your thoughts. It becomes your thoughts until you can’t tell the difference between what … Continue reading

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Burning a dead man

FADE IN A man (39) kneels in the gravel by a shallow river, under a pedestrian bridge, in the middle of a nature reserve, on a sunny summer day. CLOSE-UP ON MAN’S HAND He digs a watermelon-sized hole in the … Continue reading

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A Safe Kind of Life

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rachel. She lived a simple life as the daughter of a bus driver and a secretary in a middle-class neighborhood. She had friends. She was relatively content. One day, her fairy … Continue reading

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Stuff I learned at Burning Man

I got back from Burning Man the other day. This was my third Burn. (For more on my second Burn in 2009, click here and here.) It was tough this year. It was a lot of work, and I had … Continue reading

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Last weekend I went to a class on contact improvisation. How to describe it? It’s sort of a modern dance, without any set moves. A group of people – anywhere from 2 to 20 – moves through a room, and … Continue reading

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Will 2011 be any different?

A traveling salesman pulls into a rancher’s yard to ask for directions. The kindly old rancher invites the salesman to come and sit on the porch for a spell, and have a glass of lemonade. The salesman accepts. As they … Continue reading

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