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Curing Cancer

Disclaimer: The following is my personal opinion based on brief research and is not intended to be taken as professional advice or documentation. Today I did a little reading on cancer treatment, and made some remarkable discoveries. In 2007, Dr. … Continue reading

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Not your brother any more

This morning I opened my inbox to find crossfire between two friends of mine. One did something in her business that the other found unethical, whereupon the other removed the one from her tribe. I felt sad. They are both … Continue reading

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Mental Shoes

The other day I found this video of Pema Chodron talking about shoes. In her analogy, she talks about walking barefoot over sharp stones, and wounding one’s feet, to the point that you think, “If only I could cover the … Continue reading

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Manifesting Tyranny

Today we celebrate Canada Day. And as Americans are fond of saying lately: I love my country – it’s my government that I’m afraid of. A few days ago, the Toronto Police (shall we say) “bent the rules” a bit … Continue reading

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Being a Hypocrite

I hate hypocrisy. Whether it’s Al Gore driving a gas-guzzling motorcade everywhere, or President Obama extending Bush’s policies, I just can’t stand it when people – especially national leaders – openly refuse to practice what they preach. Sure, we’ve come … Continue reading

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