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Family Bathing

Normally my posts are more “spiritual” in nature. This one is a little off-topic… but I promise to keep it “clean.” There is a brand of soap that is packaged with the description: Family Deoderant Bar. To me, it’s soap. … Continue reading

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Talking with God on the phone

At Burning Man 2006, there was a phone booth where you could talk to God. That’s what the sign said. You could just pick up the phone in that payphone booth in the middle of the desert and God would … Continue reading

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How to figure things out

This morning, as I laid in bed half-awake, I tried to figure something out about how my Ego mind and my intuition work to learn important Truths. As my brain chugged away, I recalled something that I had read, by … Continue reading

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That darned ego

It’s Friday already. Good Friday, in fact. Although, in my experience, saying “Good” in association with “Friday” is kind of redundant. All that aside, this week has blown by way too quick. Maybe not for you, dear employee, slave to … Continue reading

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