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Flood of compassion

Over the last week, my city of Calgary, Alberta, has seen unprecedented flooding. About 75,000 people had to evacuate. The downtown core became a ghost town. Major transit routes stopped running. Bridges and train tracks were closed down or even … Continue reading

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Sometimes giving up is the only hope

I’ve been feeling rather resentful lately, struggling with a bunch of petty crap. Really, my life isn’t so bad. I live in a great city, with good friends and a job that pays well. The only suffering I experience is … Continue reading

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Mickey Loves Ya!

A Facebook friend posed the question on her status update today: “Someone else’s faith in you can be like ignitor fluid. Do you know this feeling?” I sure do. In fact, there are days when all I have is someone … Continue reading

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Option Paralysis

Here we are in the most technically advanced and prosperous period in all of recorded history. And I live in one of the wealthiest cities on the planet, in a wealthy province, in a wealthy country. Exotic foods from all … Continue reading

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The Tree That Worried

I was going to write an article today about gratitude and receptivity (as part of my Law of Attraction series), but then I figured I’d do something a little different, just for fun. I wrote a story about a tree. … Continue reading

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