I got these comments in response to some tarot readings and healing work I have done:

“I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. I feel so alive and its like a million pounds have been taken off my chest. It is hard to explain, but I feel so good and alive. I am amazed at the difference that I feel. I am very happy and I appreciate your healing very much.”
[Anonymous], Calgary, Alberta

“On a very dark evening, you shone some much needed light my way… I just want to thank you for that… You are a seeker with an open heart.”
Verena P., New York City

“I deeply appreciate your ability to articulate the important things I need to focus on and in the most compassionate of ways. You have illuminated places in my mind that were covered by confusion and doubt and encouraged me on my path. Thank you for your insight and wisdom!”
Cassandra N., Denver, Colorado

“The reading with Craig was the first card reading I have ever had and I must say that some of the insights he shared with me hit the nail on the head. Although in my soul I knew these insights as my truth already it often takes another perspective to solidify them as truth and this is what Craig brought forth within me.
” I believe that a reading with Craig could have benefit for anyone and you can trust that he only has the best intentions in his heart because that is the kind of person he is.”
Dustin H., Calgary, Alberta