Getting Off the Crazy Train

Sometimes you have to do something the way everyone else does it, sometimes for years, even though it’s painful for you and for many of the people doing it.

The first time you try getting off the crazy train, people will think you’re crazy, even though you’re trying to get sane. And maybe you’ll have an idea about another way to try things, and no one will understand it, or you’ll try to do it the way someone else did it the way they did when they stepped off the crazy train, but it won’t work and you’ll fail and you’ll probably get back on the crazy train because maybe life is supposed to be this painful. Who knows?

But you can’t stay on that train. If they don’t throw you off for being a misfit, you’ll jump, because it’s just too maddening on the crazy train.

And you’ll get this notion, half-formed, this germ of an idea about the way you want it, the way you think it should be, the way your heart says YES to this the way it said NO to the crazy train.

But at first the idea is fuzzy, trying to be born like rain in a cloud that’s still too thin. So it will be hard, unless you have a ton of confidence. If you don’t have confidence at first, you will need to find some. No, a LOT. You will need the faith to move mountains, to bring something new into this world. But first you will need faith the size of a mustard seed, to take that first step, and then another, because if you don’t have the whole idea fully formed like a mountain, you will need to take one small step in the direction that feels right before the mountain starts to get clear behind the fog in the distance.


About Craig

Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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