Two Robot Movies

Hi Everyone,

I’ve discovered a fun movie-making website that I thought you might like. Have you seen it? You can find it at

I made two little movies about robots who are tired of their jobs and want a better life. Each one is about a minute or two long. I enjoyed them and thought you might, too.

In the first one, we are introduced to Stacey and Tyler on their coffeebreak, as they talk about escaping their jobs. It has a few inside jokes for Calgary but hopefully it makes sense to everyone. In the second one, Tyler tells Stacey his dreams of getting away from it all.

The cool thing about this site is that you only have to enter text and choose a few options, and the site renders the movies in 3D animation for you. Fun!

And no, I have no commercial interest in it. 🙂

If you make one that you like, leave a comment on this blog and share the link with my readers. Thanks!


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Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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