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True-life Amnesia

See if you can remember what all these movies have in common: The Bourne Identity, Mulholland Drive, Vanilla Sky and Total Recall. Okay, that was easy, wasn’t it? The clue was in this blog’s title. The heroes have all forgotten … Continue reading

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Making Mistakes

Is there something you’ve been meaning to try, but you won’t try for fear of messing it up? If so, you’re one of about seven billion other people in the same boat. We are afraid of making mistakes. We don’t … Continue reading

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Keeping anger on a leash

This week, I’m fighting with an organization that coaches entrepreneurs online. I had signed up for a membership, and provided my credit card number, on the understanding that the first month was free and I could cancel before getting charged … Continue reading

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The Game

Once upon a time, there was a group of Very Powerful People. They lived in a place where everything was beautiful and perfect, and everyone loved everyone. In fact, it was so perfect, that they started to get a little … Continue reading

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How to figure things out

This morning, as I laid in bed half-awake, I tried to figure something out about how my Ego mind and my intuition work to learn important Truths. As my brain chugged away, I recalled something that I had read, by … Continue reading

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