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Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.

The Clown Who Lost His Nose

Once there was a little clown named Chuckles who liked to laugh and tell jokes all the time. He was very silly and everyone liked him because he made them laugh, and everyone loved to laugh. He even had a … Continue reading

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Drowning in Accumulation

Last night I had one of those dreams where you wake up and realize: “That wasn’t just about billiard balls, was it? That was my life.” I am about to start a game of pool with a friend. I rack … Continue reading

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When I experience frustration, anger, disappointment and fear, I often look outside myself for the cause of it. I start to tell myself stories about where that pain originates (because I can’t believe that it comes from within). I blame … Continue reading

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Burning a dead man

FADE IN A man (39) kneels in the gravel by a shallow river, under a pedestrian bridge, in the middle of a nature reserve, on a sunny summer day. CLOSE-UP ON MAN’S HAND He digs a watermelon-sized hole in the … Continue reading

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Arguing (a)theism

I found a Facebook group tonight that posts quotes about the intelligence of science and the stupidity (or worse) of religious people. I kind of agreed with a bunch of things they said. For example, I do believe that the … Continue reading

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