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Being a Hypocrite

I hate hypocrisy. Whether it’s Al Gore driving a gas-guzzling motorcade everywhere, or President Obama extending Bush’s policies, I just can’t stand it when people – especially national leaders – openly refuse to practice what they preach. Sure, we’ve come … Continue reading

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Who needs arts funding?

I’m about to say something really unpopular. Now, before I dive right into that shallow pool, I want to preface my remarks. I’m a writer, and I also enjoy acting (as a hobby). I volunteer at a local improv theatre. … Continue reading

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Native Leadership

Ever since Columbus set foot in North America over 500 years ago, we white folk have been systematically destroying Native peoples and cultures. While we are not as likely to slaughter Natives today (we stopped doing that decades ago), it … Continue reading

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What the Lorax Said

Every once in a while, social commentary pops up in places you’d least expect it. Take The Flintstones, for example. It had plenty of social commentary in a way, but always on the lighter side. Then there was one episode … Continue reading

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