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A few days ago, Mustard and his pregnant wife Moon (nicknames) were in a terrible car accident. First they lost the baby. The trauma team at the hospital managed to keep Moon alive for a few days. A loving community … Continue reading

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Do you want to be healed?

Three buddies are sitting at the bar one Friday afternoon, and in walks Jesus Christ. “Hey, it’s Jesus!” Mike says, as Bob and Larry turn around to look. “Hey, why don’t you join us?” Jesus walks over and takes a … Continue reading

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Shining Light into the Shadow

I sat there. Stuck. In my living room. Wondering what to do with my day. My week. My life. We’ve all been there. There are times when it seems like all the choices you have, just don’t work. You could … Continue reading

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Curing Cancer

Disclaimer: The following is my personal opinion based on brief research and is not intended to be taken as professional advice or documentation. Today I did a little reading on cancer treatment, and made some remarkable discoveries. In 2007, Dr. … Continue reading

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Unleashing the Shadow

The self-help industry, together with its coaches and authors, is still trying to find balance on the issue of uncovering one’s past. We all want to know why we are the way we are. Why do I have these habits … Continue reading

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