Customer Appreciation

A friend of mine is a regular customer at a local Shell station, where she gets gas, rents movies and buys snacks.

Cynthia didn’t shop there for a little while, for whatever reason, but then she went back. The attendant recognized her and welcomed her back. He said they had missed her while she was gone. Then the other day she went back again, and another attendant said the same thing. He also complimented her on her jacket.

Either the guys at the Shell station all have the hots for Cynthia, or they treat all their regular customers that way. Either way, I know I feel good when I’m recognized and welcomed, and I feel more loyal to those businesses. In fact, I would feel guilty shopping anywhere else.

Every Tuesday, I like to go to KFC. Not just any KFC, but the one at SouthCentre Mall. I drive past another KFC to get there, because the closer location has lousy service. At SouthCentre, the people recognize me, and no matter how tired they are, they always have a smile waiting for me. They are usually entering my order into the register before I even open my mouth. I’m very predictable. And so are they. That’s what I like about our relationship. Great service, fast and dependable. And they appreciate my business.

I always used to go to a barber shop down the street – again, a place where they recognized me and welcomed me back every time. Then I started getting my hair cut really short, and I realized that I could buy clippers and do it easily myself and save the $18 a month.

I miss those Lebanese guys down at the barber shop, though. This month, I’m going to go get a “real” hair cut from the pros.

What about you? Think of some places that you would never go back to, because the service was bad. Now think of the businesses that you are loyal to. How do they treat you there? Would you even pay more to shop at the places where they love you?

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name… and they’re always glad you came…”


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Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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  1. Dana R says:

    Loveely blog you have here

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