Everyone has their personal space. And so does my car. And I don’t appreciate when that space is violated.

Some cars have alarms that go off if you stand too close. It’s sort of like that alarm when you stand too close to a person, except the car alarm is much louder. My car doesn’t have that. But the car still has its space.

Now, I recognize that most parking spots in Calgary are only wide enough to park a bicycle comfortably, and getting any kind of 4-wheeled vehicle in there is pretty tight. The people that designed the spots forgot that most people like to open their doors when entering and exiting their vehicles. Without any open doors, however, most cars will nicely fit into the space provided.

But since most of us need to open doors when parked, you would think it’s a good idea to leave some space whenever possible. Like, when you park in a lot that is almost empty, you can leave a space between you and the next car. This is very similar to the rule of urinals. (Guys, you know what I mean.) When you can leave space, it’s more comfortable to do so. That way, we can all open our doors wide, and get in and out of our cars without struggle or hardship.

If this is obviously the case, then why does everyone like to park so close to my car?

Case study #1: Furniture store parking lot, early evening. The lot was nearly empty. It was a nice night, so I didn’t mind a short walk. I parked well away from the door. I liked the idea of returning to my car, swinging the door open all the way, and getting in comfortably.

It was not meant to be. I returned to my car half an hour later to discover that someone else had parked right next to me, way out in the middle of the empty lot. And on the driver’s side, too. It was like they did it on purpose.

The same thing happened last night. Not only right next to my car on the driver’s side, well away from the restaurant, with empty spaces all around, but also so close that it was almost impossible to open the door without bumping into the offending truck. And their driver’s side was next to mine, so presumably, the other driver had purposely parked that close to make it difficult for themselves and for me to open doors. A perfect lose-lose situation.


What is wrong with my carma?

What core negative belief do I need to release?

What is wrong with this universe?


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Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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