We’re all above-average

Some interesting facts, from CBC’s national IQ test:

Average IQ of those who drink beer: 110.01
Average IQ of those who drink wine: 112.08
Average IQ of those who don’t drink: 106.84

(This can be attributed to the culling theory – alcohol kills off the weaker brain cells, allowing the stronger ones to thrive, which is why you always feel smarter after a couple drinks.)

Average IQ of meat-eaters: 109.85
Average IQ of vegans: 103.69

Those spreads are much wider than the difference between blondes and brunettes:
Blonde: 109.35
Brunette: 110.08

Insignificant difference, and yet the root of so many, many jokes… http://www.funnyandjokes.com/jokes/blonde-jokes/

The average IQ is by definition 100, but the average person taking the test scored about 110, which either means that Canadians are generally smarter than everyone else, or that the test was flawed, or that idiots don’t take IQ tests online as often as geniuses do.

Check it out:


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