The Pincher Creek Diaries (2)

February 21, 2008

I’m just back tonight from Pincher Creek. The weather has been gorgeous lately. Those high winds that the locals (“Pincher Creekonians”) like to boast about have not really materialized. Yes, there were some really windy days. But so far, no flying gravel. I think they may have exaggerated some of those stories, or maybe it happened once in an unusually strong wind, and they’re letting on like it happens all the time.

Today I got an apartment. Everyone has been telling me how hard it is to get anything in Pincher Creek. Sure, the vacancies are low; there were only about two or three properties to even look at. But I got a two-bedroom apartment right in Pincher Creek for $650 a month, including utilities. It’s a hell-hole right now, but they will be putting in new carpet and paint over the next couple weeks before I move in, and it appears structurally sound, so it should be nice come moving day (March 9). Meanwhile, next shift, I’ll be sleeping at the Stardust Motel. (Yes, it’s really called that.)

I have a gym membership in Pincher Creek, and I might start a yoga class next month. Yowza. While others are doing Downward Dog, I’m sure I’ll be doing Panting Husky. But over time, I hope to get this poor old body into better shape.

That’s about it. It’s after 9:30 and past my bedtime, so good night all!


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Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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