Voices in my head

I have a lot of voices in my head. They start early in the morning, and keep me company all day, starting with “Get out of bed now, you lazy bum” and “Just five more minutes,” right up until “Why am I still awake?”

Most of the voices are annoying. Some are downright destructive. For example, when I go to start a new project, there’s the helpful voice that says “This will be fun” (I like that one) but also the stupid jerk voice of “You tried this once before, and it didn’t work, so you know it’s going to fail this time.”

If these pessimistic remarks were coming from friends of mine, they wouldn’t be my friends for very long.

I have so many different voices up there, it’s like a Parliament. Trouble is, the Opposition Party has installed itself as the Government, so nothing ever gets done. A motion is passed to wash the dishes, and just as quickly quashed, as the Opposition Party defeats its own bill. “Wash the dishes!” one voice says, and, “I don’t want to!” another voice says.

All the Opposition ever does is complain that the governing party isn’t doing enough, or is doing too much. They are never happy with anything. Even if the governing party is doing exactly what they would have done, it’s still wrong.

In my head (and yours as well), the Ego acts as the Opposition Leader. It criticizes everything we do, or try to do, or fail to do, or wish we could have done. But it also acts as the Prime Minister, pretending to be the real me, even though it’s really an imposter.

So now I’ve decided to make an executive decision. It’s my head; I can do what I like in there. I’m declaring myself the Governor General. My first order is to nullify the current parliament, and ask Spirit to form a Government. I am taking Ego off the throne and sending it across the floor to act as Opposition, where it belongs. Yes, I will always have an Opposition Party in my head, run by Ego, but it no longer has the power to veto all my actions. I now have the power to take action as required, and serve my constituents (my mind, body, soul and neighbors) as I see fit.

Some of the voices up there are still pretty strong, and I have a lot of work to do with regards to self-limiting beliefs. (Or is it as much work as I think? Hm.) But at least I’m waking up and recognizing that I do not have to listen to all those voices. And I hope you are, too.


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Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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