Trading in Beliefs for Truth

At each successive stage in our lives, we are often forced to give up old beliefs about who we are and what life is all about. Eventually, it begs the question: Are any of our beliefs actually based on ultimate Truth and Reality, or are all our beliefs just over-simplified conclusions based on limited experiences?

What if none of my beliefs are completely accurate? What if they are all just stories I’ve told myself over and over, to avoid dealing with actual Truth?

Often Life strips away these stories one at a time, because we can’t handle losing our whole Story all at once. But eventually, I have to wonder if there is a greater Truth beyond all the stories I’ve been telling myself.

Is that scary? Depressing? It certainly is to the Ego. Because if I’m wrong about everything, isn’t that a fate worse than death? It is to the Ego.

But having glimpsed this Truth behind the veil of my own illusions, I am convinced that I must not allow the fears of Ego to stop me from exploring the Truth in greater detail. Because the Truth is, I do not have to be limited to the beliefs of scarcity, pain and conflict that my Ego continues to push.

The Truth is, our spiritual nature as human beings is far greater than we have ever imagined. We have the power to solve all our perceived problems. We have the capacity to care for one another and live in a world free from war. So much is possible for us, and yet, we have convinced ourselves that we are all victims in some horrible “reality” where nobody has enough, hunger is inevitable and death is the only absolute.

By creating this illusion that we are all powerless, we can absolve ourselves of responsibility for our lives. Unfortunately, we also give up our power, and subject ourselves to a fate worse than responsibility for our actions.

It’s time to give up our beliefs in the Illusion, and accept the Truth. It’s time to step up to our duties and create the world we know is possible.

Let’s start today.


About Craig

Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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