Spiritual gurus spreading fear

The Bilderburg Group. The Trilateral Commission. The Rothschilds. The big banks. The U.S. Government. They are all out to get us. The time to panic is at hand!

Such is the wildfire message spreading through “spiritual” and “new age” circles, trying to wake everyone up to the conspiracies going on behind the scenes. The message is that a faceless power has conned us all, and we are headed over a cliff of mass destruction that will leave the world’s poor all dead and the world’s richest tycoons in a paradise built with our investment dollars.

Ironically, the message is usually prefaced with, “We want to spread love, not fear” – while it conjures up panic and hopelessness.

I’m not going to debate the truth of that message. Maybe it is true. Maybe there is evidence to support it. Maybe the world’s currency system is headed for collapse, and 9-11 was an inside job.

But when I listen to that message, believe that message, and act on that message, who do I become? Is the message helpful to me? Can I use that information to take specific, helpful action?

The message doesn’t try to help me at all, in fact. It tries to raise alarm about some great unseen enemy out there. This enemy is evil, all-powerful and is attacking us. This enemy robs from the poor and gives to the rich, kills people and destroys the planet.

The message tells you nothing about what you can do to help yourself or others. It only drives you further into helpless panic.

In essence, the message sounds a hell of a lot like the Ego.

The Ego wants us to believe that there is some terrible evil out in the world, and our only hope is to listen to the Ego’s message of fear and hopelessness if we are to have any hope at all. But it doesn’t give us a way out – only a way down into more fear, alarm and hopelessness. I’m familiar with the Ego’s message because my Ego talks to me, loudly, each and every day.

If we are to have any hope of love, light and peace on earth, we need to stop buying into the message of panic, and start focusing on building what we want. Subjecting yourself to some “spiritual leader” who preaches conspiracy will not help you towards greater peace and justice. It only serves the ego’s sense of “I’m right, and the conspirators are wrong,” and, “We need to remain afraid if we are to survive,” and, “I have someone else to blame for my problems.”

We don’t deny the darkness exists (maybe the banks are evil and they want to kill us all) but focusing on the darkness only gives it more power.

We bring light, not by staring into the dark, but by turning on the light.

Let’s all focus on acts of compassion, beauty and creativity. We have the power to do that.

Good luck, everyone.

P.s. Here is the video that inspired me to write. I would suggest closing your eyes, ignoring the manipulative background music and flashing images, and just listen to the words. Try to remain objective. Ask yourself, is this a message of love and hope, or a message of the Ego?


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Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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