Civil war!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, I have a lot of different personalities that make up my Self. I’m not talking about personalities with different names that come out at different times of day, without each other’s knowledge. (That’s a little extreme, and if you have this disorder, talk to your dominant personality about getting help.)

In my case, it’s the inner authoritarian and the inner rebel, both at war since childhood. There’s the masculine side and feminine side to all of us (the anima and animus, in Jungian terms) – the side that ponders and feels and connects, and the side that says, let’s go do something! I have the skinny guy and the fat guy, who have heated discussions every time the word ‘gym’ shows up on my calendar, or we’re passing a McDonald’s on the way home for dinner. (Yes, I said “we” on purpose.)

The geek and the luddite – “Let’s get a new computer!” No. Why? It only emits harmful radiation and cuts into my gym time. “Gym time? Working out sucks. Why go and lift weights when you can stay home and play cool computer games online? This old computer isn’t fast enough. I need something faster.” Why, so you can waste all your time living in cyberspace rather than getting out with friends?

It goes on and on.

Today the fat guy and the skinny guy are about tied. I ate healthy for lunch, but I’m going to skip the gym again and stay home to do laundry and read.

Which brings me back to the authoritarian, the rebel, the anima and the animus. We had a big group meeting the other day about going out versus staying home, and lately, the winner has been, staying at home and reading.

I like reading.

You must, too, or else you wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Thanks for joining us.


About Craig

Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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