Gods Among Us

About a year ago, I discovered a new theory about God, the origins of the universe, the destiny of mankind and the ultimate meaning of life. I discovered it in an unlikely source. And the more I think about it, the more it works.

It goes like this: God was sitting around in a vacuum one day (before days even existed), feeling rather bored with the non-existence of everything. God gets to thinking, I should do something to keep busy. But everything God thinks of to do (creating a universe, starting a new cellular network, whatever) is kind of boring, because there isn’t anything that God can’t do in the blink of an eye. So God gets to asking the question, What would be challenging? What is something that an all-powerful, indestructible being such as myself could…

Wait a second…


I’m all-powerful and indestructible…

How would that work?

And so God finds a way to blow up the indestructible. As the energy from that explosion resonates through the void, a universe (perhaps more than one) is created.

And we are born, all of us, bits of God, in a world made up from bits of God.

But that’s not the end of the story. God didn’t just commit suicide – God wanted a challenge greater than simply destroying an indestructible being and creating a universe – God wanted to recreate God out of it all. Like a phoenix. Or like that T1000 guy in Terminator II when the frozen metal melts and flows back together, only without all the evil.

And how is this done? Those of you who have read Neale Donald Walsh’s books about “Conversations with God” might recognize this. In between laundry and going to work and getting the kids to hockey practice, we have a much bigger job to do: to recognize the image of God in each other, and come together in relationship, and Love One Another, so that all the parts of God (us) will be brought closer and closer together over the generations. We have to remember who we really are.

Christians might argue that this idea is completely foreign to the Truth of Christianity, which is that God came to Earth and died for us so that we can have life. Hmm. Okay. But what if Christ’s death is symbolic of something greater? And what about all the other creation myths of God creating the world from Himself/Herself?

The really whacky thing about this whole theory, is that, quite possibly, the Truth about Life, The Universe and Everything… may have come from a cartoonist.

Check it out:


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Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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