The Empty Sink

Welcome to 2007, my Year of the Empty Sink.

Lately I’ve been enjoying cleaner environments. The clutter on the floor of my car is gone. Garbage gets tossed out right away. If there are things in my closet that I don’t need any more, they go too. When I see something that needs doing (such as a sink full of dishes), I used to resist it, wander away, and do something more entertaining for a while. “There’s always time tomorrow,” I’d say.

Not any more. Today I have today. I live in the present. I’m tired of having a sink full of dishes and a desk full of paperwork. This year, I get things done, and then I put them away or throw them out. This year, I live in a clean and orderly environment. I have space to move around. The clutter is gone. This year, there is room for creativity.

With that said, I have a dining table (with chairs) and a computer desk for sale. They have been here for too long. They are still good but I don’t need them any more. If you need furniture, drop me a line. Leaving a comment works too. I moderate all comments, so if you don’t want the message posted, just say so, and it will be just for me to read.

So, what are your resolutions? This is your Year Of The ____.


About Craig

Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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