A duty to passion

Over the last twenty years or so, we have seen many ups and downs in the corporate economy, and a corresponding number of people leaving the big corporations to start small businesses of their own. There are always hundreds of opportunities available for those with an entrepreneurial bent, from the sketchy “opportunities” of multi-level marketing (which often cost you more than you make), to the simple act of turning a hobby into a business (although “simple” does not always mean “easy”).

But times are changing. Fast.

What used to be an “opportunity” is now more like an imperative. With many Fortune-500 companies on the edge of bankruptcy, and employee fear changing to panic, we no longer have the luxury of sitting in the cubicle dreaming about that some-day enterprise. The Universe is giving us a slap upside the head, almost shouting at us, to get off our butts and go do what we are here to do.

The trouble is, our fear of doing something new and challenging, outweighs our fear of growing old in the cubicle-farm.

Despite those fears, each one of us has a mission in this life that we can’t ignore forever. It shows up as an interest, a hobby, a passion – and is usually stuffed down beneath layers of fear and pragmatic thinking. “I can’t open a day-care,” you say, “even though I’d love to. Day-cares don’t make any money. I have to think of my family. I make over $40,000 a year at my dead-end job, so I better stick to it.”

Or the musician who doesn’t think her songs are good enough.

Or the woodworker whose carvings sit in his garage, admired only by his closest friends and family.

You know who you are.

Our passions are yearning to be free, to be made manifest in the world of form. If they could only be let out, they would fuel us in a life of creativity and joy, giving us back far more energy than they use. But stuffed down beneath practical fears, they suck the life out of us.

And we don’t know where the energy is going. So we consume more products and services – alcohol, movies, games, junk food – to distract us from the pain and give us energy to keep going.

With a constant depletion of energy going to maintaining our fears, it’s no wonder that we are addicted to sugary sweets and energy drinks, which are contributing to a pandemic of health problems in our society.

We can’t keep living this way. Whether you start a business of your own, or join a company or non-profit that you love – whatever the form it takes – you simply must allow your passions to guide you. It is time to live your life’s mission. There is no more time to waste in answering the call. This planet needs you. Yes, you.

And if you need any support on making that a reality, there are people around that can help. Just ask.


About Craig

Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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