Everyday Miracles

The last couple days, I’ve had a couple experiences of connection with higher wisdom, or divine source, or whatever you want to call it. It’s basically a miracle.

I mean, you could just call it a good mood. We don’t need to make it sound like I had some special experience that’s better than anything you had today. That would just ruin it.

The truth is, a connection to God (yes, the ‘G’ word) is one of the most natural experiences we could possibly have as a human being. And miracles would be considered normal if we didn’t avoid them so much of the time.

What gets in the way of that is my Ego telling me that I’m a small, separate individual in a sea of individuals, and that we’re all competing for limited resources. This is illusion. It is a wall that my Ego puts between me and other people to try and keep me “safe.” But all it does is create needless suffering. What the Ego calls “self-protection” is actually self-hate, since it cuts me off from love and from my Source.

Now I’m coming back around to this notion that I can be connected to my spiritual source, without all the baggage that I’ve accumulated over the years. I’m allowed to experience miracles every moment of every day. I’m allowed to see the voice of Ego for what it is: a frightened little victim mentality that believes in hate and fear where none exist. I can simply observe that voice, and let it go, without being drawn into it.

I invite you to join me today in opening ourselves up to love, connection and peace. Let’s set aside our small selves today, even if just for a moment, and allow miracles to have their way with us.


About Craig

Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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