Hurry up and Wait

Recently I’ve started a few new projects. Some of them are part of a project team, and some are solo projects.

Sometimes I like to work on projects as part of a team. Sometimes I like to do something on my own, without interference.

It so happens that the team projects are more interesting to me now, so I’ve been trying to focus on those instead of my solo projects.

Unfortunately, I have been trying to charge ahead faster than the rest of the team can move at the moment. There are too many things going on behind the scenes to rush it. Other people have a ton of work to do before I can see progress in my area. So I’ve found myself chomping at the bit, as it were.

I’m also part of a group that meets weekly to share intuitive information with each other, about what’s going on in each other’s lives. Advice comes through from “up there” to help us make wiser choices.

The advice for me tonight was that I need to sort out my rushing and my slowing down.

This brought me to realize that I need to focus on moving my solo projects forward, instead of distracting myself with what the team is or is not doing at the moment. I realized that my focus on the team’s activity was a way of ignoring my personal accountability for my own projects, which I have the resources to work on, but which I’ve been avoiding.

Not consciously avoiding, mind you – it’s just that every time I remember that I have to work on my own project, I find myself doing other things that are not nearly as important.

I believe some cultures refer to this practice as “procrastination.”

I prefer to call it…um… re-prioritizing.

Although that’s a way of distancing my accountability as well.

Time to call it what it is.

And stop blogging about it.

And just do it.


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Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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