Where’s my stuff?

Last night I had a dream that I won the lottery. Now, I never buy tickets, but in this dream, I had just purchased one. I was sitting in a shopping mall food court and there’s this announcement on the PA calling out my name as the winner of the $2.3 million jackpot. I was pretty excited.

I went to the lottery kiosk to collect my prize. The clerk was pretty much disinterested. He pulled out a form and had me sign for receipt of the winnings. But when I asked him for the money, he said, “Oh, they’ll probably mail you a cheque or something. You know how it works.” And he turned to help the next customer.

“But I already signed for receipt… Shouldn’t I get it at the same time?”

No response. Then I woke up.

Do you ever feel like the Universe has promised you an amazing life, but when you go to collect the prize, you get no response? My life has been feeling a bit like that lately. All these authors and speakers claiming we can have anything we want, and I’m left asking (as my room-mate and I joke about) “WHERE’S MY STUFF??”

I know I have to take action. But what action? I don’t know.

Couldn’t I just win the lottery so I don’t have to work any more?



About Craig

Craig lives in Calgary, Alberta.
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2 Responses to Where’s my stuff?

  1. Bozena says:

    Where is April, May and June?

    • Craig says:

      My soul’s been in jail. I just noticed yesterday it’s been over 3 months. Oops. Time flies. Creativity dried up a little. I’ll try to post something soon.

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